What are accelerated orthodontics?

Some of the main issues that patients who are going to undergo orthodontic treatment have are the following:

How long will the treatment take?

Can I do anything to finish it sooner?

Is there any way to speed up the process without harming the final result?

All these questions have already been answered and we will now explain them one by one.

If there is something that characterizes all orthodontic treatments, regardless of whether it is a treatment of metal braces, transparent or removable aligners, is its duration: all last more than a year.

accelerated orthodontics in broomfield co

That’s right, orthodontics is the aesthetic dental treatment that offers the best results, but it’s also the one that requires the most time.

This makes many patients who want to obtain results quickly and painlessly nervous.

Just 10 years ago, the mere possibility of being able to speed up the results of an orthodontic treatment was not viable, since there was not even a valid alternative to the more conventional treatment that required an average duration of between 12 and 18 months to be effective.

Now, thanks to the technological advances that are being applied in most dental treatments of the moment, accelerating the process of our orthodontics is not only a possibility, but a reality.

Next, for all those who want to know what the real options are that will allow them to shorten the time of their braces treatment, whatever their modality, we are going to explain them in detail.

Check them out!


In recent years, the dental community has made efforts to investigate different methods that can accelerate orthodontic treatment and reduce the duration of treatment by approximately four to eight months.

These innovative treatments have as their main objective to promote dental movement and accelerate the growth of new bone tissue in its new location.

However, for these alternative treatments to have any effect they must always be combined with the application of classic orthodontic treatment, whether fixed or removable, as otherwise the acceleration treatment would have no effect.

On the other hand, the experts also explain that for this acceleration process to have an effect, other external factors which will affect the results must also be taken into account: genetics, type of malocclusion, severity of the case, the patient’s life habits, etc.

broomfield accelerated ortho



Acceledent is a very simple accelerated orthodontic procedure whose main objective is to speed up the clock of orthodontic treatments, no matter what type of braces we wear.

This procedure is carried out through sophisticated external appliances that will stimulate the mobility of the teeth through small continuous micro vibrations totally painless.

The best part of this procedure is that the patient himself will have to put on the appliance in his mouth and rest his teeth on it (in a small mouthpiece), leaving it to work for about 20 minutes a day.

This option is perfect for those who never have time to be at home and want to shorten the time of their treatment, since the appliance fits in any bag and we can use it while we perform other tasks. It’s all advantages!

All patients who have tried it are satisfied and recommend it to the rest of the people who are wearing braces at that time, since it has been shown to reduce up to 50% of the total duration of orthodontic treatments.

In addition, this system will not only help us finish our treatment sooner, but it will also make it much easier for us to over wear it, thanks to the app that will inform us of the time we have been recording and the progress of our teeth. Great, isn’t it?

benefits of accelerated orthodontics



Without a doubt, the main benefit of undergoing orthodontic acceleration treatment is the time we gain.

Most people who undergo orthodontic treatment, especially with conventional braces, explain that the main disadvantage is how long they can wear their braces for more than half a year, since they are not only attractive, but also very uncomfortable.

Therefore, undergoing an acceleration procedure will put an end to this problem and convince many undecided people to begin orthodontic treatment once and for all without any fear.


The second advantage that these treatments have is that they are valid for any type of orthodontics: metal braces, transparent, lingual or removable aligners. No matter what orthodontics you wear, you will always have the option to accelerate your results.


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