The main differences between clear and metal braces

Currently there are several types of dental orthodontics that guarantee the best results in all cases: traditional braces, clear braces and invisible aligners (Invisalign).

While all three options have been shown to be equally effective in correcting the position of teeth and improving the overall appearance of a person’s smile, they do not all work the same way and involve a completely different process for those who wear them.

It is precisely at this point that many adult patients are hesitant to choose between a conventional braces treatment (with metal brackets) and a clear braces treatment, because although both seem very similar in practice they have several differences that could make a difference for the orthodontists add clear brackets

Are transparent braces better?

How are clear braces placed?

Are they more comfortable than metal braces?

These and many other questions are the most common ones patients ask regarding these two treatments and the ones that will make a person decide between one and the other in the end.

Next, to help all those who are not clear about which of the types of braces is best suited to their needs, we are going to explain the main characteristics of transparent braces and how they differ from their more conventional version.


Here we go!transparent braces vs metal braces


Clear braces, like metallic braces, are a set of wires and brackets that are attached to the enamel of the teeth and that the orthodontist tightens little by little until the teeth are in the desired position.

However, despite having exactly the same function, this variable of orthodontic treatment has two major differences: discretion and comfort.

While metal braces are very showy and make those who wear them always feel embarrassed to be seen while performing treatment, transparent braces are much more discreet and have a much nicer aesthetic appearance.

This is the main reason why most adult patients who cannot afford Invisalign treatment and are looking for something more discreet for their day to day life, end up choosing them to improve the state of their smile discreetly.


Despite being made up of wires and brackets, like metal braces, clear braces have proven to be much more comfortable to wear and much less aggressive on the oral tissues.

When you decide to start your clear braces treatment, your dentist will offer you three different types of materials for the brackets he or she will place: ceramic, plastic and porcelain.

These three materials are biocompatible and much softer, so they will better respect the natural anatomy of our teeth and gums, and will prevent the appearance of the wounds typical of classic orthodontic treatment.

So, first the question: are transparent braces more comfortable than metal ones?

The answer is clearly yes.

More comfortable, more beautiful and easier to bear.advantage of invisalign


The placement of transparent braces does not present great differences from the classic version, being both options fixed to the tooth enamel through a specialized cement that the dentist will fix through ultraviolet light.

However, even though the transparent braces are fixed in the same position as the metallic ones, the type of cement used for this is much less aggressive ( epoxy adhesive) and easy to remove, which will protect us from the dental enamel of our teeth and will prevent the appearance of dental sensitivity during the first months of orthodontics.

On the other hand, the visit and maintenance time required for clear braces is the same as for metal braces, with the only difference being that patients who choose to wear these types of braces tend to attend much less frequently to resolve emergencies or discomfort caused by the braces.

This is because plastic braces have a much lower risk of fracture than metal braces, allowing us to live a much more comfortable life without restrictions than the conventional option.

Therefore, if you find yourself hesitating between one type of orthodontic treatment and another, now you know what the main differences are that you will have to take into account to make your choice and all the advantages that transparent braces can offer you.

Both treatments will offer you good results, the difference is in the process by which you want to get there!


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