Natural-looking dental veneers

Among the wide range of cosmetic dental treatments, dental veneers are one of the most in-demand today. And it is that natural looking veneers offer a quick and personalized solution to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Are you considering improving your smile with this treatment?

Dental veneers are currently used to correct a wide range of aesthetic-dental problems, from stained teeth to repairing irregular spaces between teeth to improve their appearance and achieve a natural smile.

What Are Dental Veneers?broomfield dental veneers

Dental veneers are sheets that are placed in the visible part of the tooth to improve its external image and correct aesthetic problems caused by pathologies such as cavities, enamel fractures, or changes in color.

The results are very natural and effective because this technique consists of adhering thin sheets of composite or ceramic that hide the original teeth’ imperfections, making their shape and color perfect.

Types of Dental Veneers

If you are thinking of resorting to dental veneers to improve your smile’s appeal, these are some types that exist:

Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers, also known as ceramic veneers, consist of thin sheets of this material that adhere to the tooth to achieve the desired aesthetics. They are recommended for a more severe alteration, such as tooth fractures, a large area to be restored, or a gap between teeth.

The implantation process is divided into two sessions, the first to make a mold of the teeth and the second to place them. It is not the cheapest technique, but it is the one that gives more natural results.

They are the most chosen among those who want natural looking veneers to achieve a perfect smile and good long-term results.

Composite Veneersdental veneers natural look

These veneers are manufactured directly on the tooth itself by applying a synthetic resin called composite. This material is similar to that used in the treatment of fillings. They are indicated when the area to be restored small or not very wide and fast, that is, it can be done in a single session.

It is one of the cheapest treatments; however, veneers’ quality is not as optimal as that of porcelain veneers, and their durability is 1 to 2 years.

Zirconia Veneers

This class of veneers is not common, and because they are made with 100% zirconium ceramic, their cost is higher, although they are very resistant, and their appearance is extremely natural. The process of implanting them is painless, and the material feels very light.


They will be the preferred treatment for the following cases:

• Slightly spaced teeth, technically called a diastema. Veneers are perfect for covering this space, but if what you want is to really correct the problem, it will be necessary to resort to orthodontic treatment.

• Small fractures. Sometimes and due to various causes, teeth can break. In these cases, veneers are an ideal solution that visually corrects that imperfection with a very natural appearance.

• Teeth of different sizes. Veneers on the shorter pieces will equal the length of all teeth for a more harmonious smile.

• In the case of permanent stains. With age and the intake of certain beverages and medications or due to tobacco, teeth can become worn or yellow, offering a dirty appearance that is instantly improved by overlapping veneers.

• In general, if you want to improve the beauty of your smile.

dental veneers in broomfield co


Veneers are typically used when the intention is to improve the shape, position, or even teeth color. Thus, it is a great solution when teeth are separated from each other, are discolored for some reason, or have chipped or broken.

If you suffer or present any of these problems, veneers may be the treatment you need. However, it is possible that due to the situation or state of the mouth, it is necessary to use another solution.

In fact, it should be remembered that the objective of dental veneers is only an aesthetic solution, so if you suffer from any oral disease, you should first start a treatment that improves oral health and subsequently improves dental aesthetics.

Depending on your case, the specialist will make a diagnosis and recommend the most suitable types of dental veneers to meet your aesthetic needs and obtain a beautiful smile design.


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