Different Types of Braces

different types of braces in broomfield coAre you thinking of having a cosmetic dentistry treatment that will improve the state of your smile in all aspects? You have always wanted to straighten your teeth, but you have been afraid that others would see you with braces.

Do you know someone who needs to correct the state of their smile but has no idea what treatment options are available today?

Don’t worry anymore, because we will solve all these doubts in a detailed way with the help of our experts in dental aesthetics.

In the last twenty years, the only dental treatment aimed at correcting the smile have been conventional braces; which are not very well known, especially among the more adult public.

However, over the years and with the help of technology, new aesthetic dental treatments have appeared that are just as effective and have many advantages for the entire population, as is the case with invisible orthodontics or Invisalign.

Below, for all those who are looking for useful information to find out what type of orthodontic treatment best suits their needs, we will explain the two most popular types of dental orthodontics at the moment, what they consist of and their pros and cons.


Let’s go!

Different types of braces

Currently there are several types of dental orthodontic treatment, but the two most popular and most people choose to carry out are: conventional braces and invisible orthodontics or Invisalign.

Both treatments have the same purpose: to correct the incorrect position of our teeth to restore their functionality, while improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

While function and effectiveness are the same, the real difference between the two treatments lies in their procedure and the steps the patient must follow during the duration of each one.

Below we explain in detail each of the treatment options:

braces in broomfield coTraditional Braces

Metal braces are the traditional orthodontic treatment option and the most used to date by the entire world population.

The main purpose of this treatment is to correct the incorrect position of the teeth, either to improve their functionality and make the patient’s bite fit again, or for purely aesthetic purposes.

However, in spite of being really effective this treatment has always had a very big inconvenience: it is very showy and it does not favour anything to the person who is wearing it.

Metal braces are not pretty, that’s for sure; and those who have worn them know it. However, if we are teenagers and our teeth are terribly crooked, this treatment is our only and best option available.

However, this treatment option is not only suitable for children and teenagers, but is also really effective in solving aesthetic and functional problems in people over 30 years of age, although most adult patients discard it because they are ashamed to be seen with braces in public or at their jobs.

Although it is true, nowadays there are already more aesthetic braces that are not as flashy as the traditional metal model, being able to choose between models of various colors, transparent or even with pieces of real sapphire embedded.

This has meant a great advance for the sector, since it has favoured that a great part of the adult population dares to put them on and bets on improving the health of their smile adequately and leaves aside their prejudices.

Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign)different types of braces

In the last decade there has been a revolutionary dental aesthetic treatment that has fascinated the most adult population: invisible orthodontics, also known as Invisalign.

This orthodontics has the same function as metal braces, with the difference that it is much more discreet and practically imperceptible to the human eye. The main advantage of invisible orthodontics is its absolute discretion.

Since the braces are transparent and made to fit the patient’s arches exactly, the treatment is practically imperceptible and no one will notice you are wearing them, unless you tell them to, of course.

As far as the functioning of this treatment is concerned, it is important to mention that the number of visits to the dentist is much lower, since the invisible aligners will be exchanged from time to time and it will be the patient himself who will be able to exchange them without the need to go to the clinic.

In addition, unlike traditional orthodontics, Invisalign can be removed both for eating and brushing, making it a much more versatile and comfortable option to wear.

In short, both treatments offer us a more than effective solution to improve the health and appearance of our smile, with the only difference that one of them does it in a much more visible and uncomfortable way than the other. It’s all a matter of taste.


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