Can I get straight teeth without braces?

Getting a bright, beautiful, and straight smile is the dream of thousands and thousands of people, both teenagers and adults, but how do you achieve it without going through a braces treatment? This option is not always possible, but in certain circumstances it is still possible to straighten teeth without the need for fixed braces.

The main drawback of conventional braces is their appearance, which is really uncomfortable and very showy, causing most adult patients to give up on them because they are embarrassed to be seen with them.

For this reason, many seek advice from their trusted dentist to find out if there is an alternative that allows them to improve their smile without having to wear braces; and the truth is that there is, but it only works in certain cases.


Can I get straight teeth without braces?straight teeth without braces

Braces are the option most used by all dentists in the world to correct the incorrect position of teeth, whether in adults or children, being the treatment that best solves all types of occlusion and aesthetic problems that can be generated.

However, it is a treatment with a great disadvantage: it is ugly and uncomfortable.

Below are three cases in which a smile can be corrected without braces:

Slight Pile Up

In those cases in which the dental crowding is quite slight and localized, and as long as this crowding does not affect the occlusion of the mouth, it can be corrected through the use of fixed and temporary retainers that the orthodontist will check periodically until the problem is solved.

Malocclusiontypes of treatment without braces

In those cases where the problem is not aesthetic and the occlusion of both arches must be corrected in order to bite correctly, it is also possible to use several external appliances that the orthodontist can control as the problem is solved.

Underdeveloped Palate

There are many occasions when children do not have enough space in their upper arch for all the definitive teeth to come out, and it is necessary to apply expanders that will gradually make a hole and favor the correct growth of the jawbone so that it can hold all the teeth that correspond to that arch.

These are the three cases in which our orthodontist could decide not to apply a treatment of braces and opt for alternative methods less invasive.

However, whatever our case may be, the best thing we can do to improve our smile and ensure that its condition does not worsen is to take care of its hygiene as much as possible and try not to suffer any accident that breaks any of our teeth.

Types of Treatment without Braces


Retainers are an alternative option that the orthodontist can try to correct certain minor problems in the position of our teeth. These retainers will be fixed to the inside of your teeth using dental cement and the pressure exerted by the retainer will gradually return your teeth to their ideal position.

There is also the possibility of using removable retainers, called Hawley retainers, which can be easily removed and put on by the patient and serve to correct problems of both the upper and lower arches.

However, this type of retainer is much more expensive and when the patient is a child there is a risk of losing it.

Palatal Exanderscorrect smile without braces

Palatal expanders are one of the preferred options for professionals when they encounter space problems in the children’s upper arch. The expander works through a central mechanism where the orthodontist through a special key will gradually open the arcade and making space for the final teeth to come out.

To place it, the professional will first fix the ends of the expander on the molars of the upper arch and only its central area will be visible, where the professional will exercise force to generate a hole and favor the natural growth of the jawbone.

It is a very discreet treatment whose only disadvantage is the discomfort that the patient can suffer every time the professional activates the expansion mechanism; otherwise it is very easy to bear.

Additional Equipment

There are cases in which the use of external appliances is necessary to correct the inadequate growth of our jaw, being the children the main patients in whom these treatments are practiced.

The main appliance used for this purpose is called the Herbst appliance, which exerts sufficient pressure so that little by little the two jaw arches grow in unison and come together at the right point.


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