All about removable braces

Are you thinking of getting orthodontic treatment?

Have you been suffering from a complex about having crooked teeth since you were a child, but you’re embarrassed to be seen by your colleagues or loved ones with braces?

If that’s your case, you won’t have to worry about it anymore because nowadays all these problems have a solution.

For more than fifty years, the only braces treatment available to straighten teeth and improve the appearance of our smile was conventional orthodontics, which is composed of a complex system of wires and metal brackets too showy and really annoying to wear.

This caused many people, especially adults, to give up the possibility of improving their smile because they were too embarrassed to be seen wearing these types of braces, which led the dental community to seek a new alternative that would eliminate these serious aesthetic problems.

And what was the result of years of research and the application of technological advances in oral health?

Removable braces, also known as invisible orthodontic treatment or Invisalign.

This new treatment modality combines the best technology of the moment with the traditional mechanism that orthodontics uses to straighten our teeth by means of pressure, giving rise to a series of invisible and removable aligners that delight adult patients who have never dared to wear braces before.

Next, for all those who want to know more about this type of treatment, we will explain in detail what it consists of and the pros and cons of transparent removable braces.

Let get started!removable braces are discreet


Invisible orthodontics or Invisalign is a totally innovative type of orthodontics that allows patients to correct the position of their teeth without anyone noticing.

The treatment consists of a series of clear aligners that are custom-made to fit the exact size of the patient’s mouth and that the patient will have to wear himself in order to straighten his smile.

The first steps of the treatment are similar to those of the metal braces, with the difference that the in-depth analysis of the patient’s bite will be done through a sophisticated computer program that will scan the mouth without the need to make any physical impression.

After that first scan, the orthodontist will be able to draw up a complete treatment plan from start to finish and manufacture all the aligners that we will have to wear every month until we achieve the desired result.

These aligners are totally transparent and easy to put on and take off, allowing the patient to remove them for eating or brushing without any discomfort.

Of course, you will also have to come to our clinic for a routine visit to check the progress of the treatment, but the number of visits is twice as many as a treatment for metal braces; basically because the number of emergencies for removable braces is minimal.

For all these reasons, this treatment has become the option most in demand by the adult population of the moment, since it not only allows them to correct the state of their smile in a comfortable way, but also allows them to do it in a totally discreet way that will avoid any embarrassment or unfortunate comments about the state of their teeth.removable braces are comfortable



It is totally transparent and no one will notice that we are wearing them.

This is the main advantage that most people decide to start this treatment, because although there are some cases in which removable braces are not compatible and do not straighten the teeth as much as they would like, being able to wear the whole process in a comfortable and discreet way more than compensates for it.


The other great advantage of this treatment is that we can remove the braces whenever we need to, being able to eat or brush our teeth without any kind of obstacle, thus avoiding the retention of dental plaque and the development of dental diseases such as gingivitis and caries.



The main drawback of this type of modern treatment is its price.

Unlike conventional braces, this type of orthodontics tends to double the main budget needed to be able to carry out the treatment, since the material used is much more delicate and expensive to maintain.what are removable braces


The second disadvantage presented by this treatment is the lack of control over the number of hours the patient wears the aligners, since being able to remove them at will often means spending more time than recommended without them in place; which will end up delaying the effect of the treatment and causing the whole period to be extended, as well as the maintenance costs.

In short, removable braces are a revolutionary treatment within the world of dental aesthetics that has come to change the way orthodontic treatments are viewed by society, dispelling all the fears and prejudices that people commonly had about them.

Do you want to improve your smile with total discretion?

Removable braces are your best option!


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