All about clear braces for adults

Do you want to improve the state of your smile but don’t want to have to go through traditional orthodontic treatment?

Have you always wanted to straighten your teeth but are embarrassed to be seen with braces?

Don’t worry anymore, because there is now an effective solution for this: clear orthodontic treatment, also known as Invisalign.

Since its creation, one of the main problems that have arisen around orthodontic treatments in adults is how unflattering it is, causing most people over 20 years of age to give up improving their smile out of embarrassment and fear of others laughing at their new look.


Fortunately, technology has not stopped advancing and has given rise to new options for cosmetic dental treatment that make those embarrassment problems disappear, making it much easier to start orthodontic treatment and take care of our oral health without prejudice.

However, despite the fact that invisible orthodontic treatment is the future within the world of aesthetic dentistry and more and more people are already enjoying all its advantages every day, there is still a sector of the population that does not know about it and doubts about its effectiveness.

For all these reasons, we will now explain in detail what the treatment of clear braces for adults consists of, how they work and all their advantages as opposed to the more traditional option.

Let’s get into it!clear braces are more comfortable


Invisalign is an aesthetic dental treatment whose main function is to correct the incorrect position of the teeth to improve both their appearance and their functionality.

In terms of effectiveness, this new treatment has proven to be just as good as traditional orthodontic treatment, its aesthetic factor being its greatest attraction and what makes it truly innovative.

While the conventional braces treatment is very bracing and uncomfortable to wear, since it consists of a set of wires and metal brackets that are fixed directly to the enamel of the teeth, the Invisalign is barely imperceptible to the human eye and the patient will be able to remove it and put it on himself.

This treatment consists of a set of transparent dental splints that will progressively press our teeth into the correct position.

These splints can be removed without help to brush or eat, which will avoid problems of cavities and gingivitis, which are the main complications of conventional orthodontic treatment.


This treatment is similar in duration to the traditional version, since despite being much more modern, the process through which the teeth must pass to be repositioned remains just as complex and requires time and patience.

Furthermore, in this type of dental treatment the duration is not determined by the effectiveness or not of the procedure, but by the difficulty of each case.

It will not be the same to treat a slight separation of teeth to treat a severe dental crowding; each case has different times.

invisible orthodontics in broomfield co



Of course, the main advantage of this orthodontic treatment is its discretion.

Since they are transparent splints made to the exact measurement of the patient’s arches, the orthodontics will be practically imperceptible to the human eye; especially if that person does not know you and does not know that you were thinking of having a treatment of this type.

Whatever type of work you have, thanks to invisible tooth correction you will no longer have to feel embarrassed about what they will say anymore.


Another great advantage of this treatment is its comfort.

The patient will be able to put them on and take them off when needed and the pressure exerted by the splints will hardly bother and will not generate any type of side effect; unlike conventional treatment that usually causes wounds and canker sores in the first weeks.

On the other hand, the risk of suffering accidents during the duration of the treatment that require a quick visit to the dental office is minimal.

This is a relief for people with a tight schedule who cannot spend all day going to the dentist in case of any unforeseen event.

invisalign is comfortable


Unlike conventional orthodontics, the invisible treatment allows us to remove the orthodontics both to eat and to brush our teeth, preventing plaque from accumulating more than necessary and increasing the risk of caries or gum inflammation.


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