5 reasons to use orthodontics

Today we live in a society increasingly influenced by very demanding beauty standards, which cause our need to improve our physical appearance to become a priority.

And what is the main element of a person’s physical appearance that will make his or her appearance improve both inside and out noticeably?

The smile.

More and more people are betting on improving the appearance of their smile as a resource to feel better about themselves, because a beautiful smile will not only make others see you more attractive, but also make you feel that way every day when you look in the mirror.

Several studies made on adults and young people ratify the fact that those people with irregular or crooked smiles feel worse about their appearance, are more shy and feel more self-conscious about having to smile in front of others.

This only confirms what we have already said: a beautiful and healthy smile is our best tool to introduce ourselves to the world successfully.

Next, we are going to explain the reasons that will help you understand why anyone should be able to undergo orthodontic treatment that improves the appearance of their teeth and makes them have a bright smile.

Let’s get into it!straight teeth are attractive



Clearly, the main reason a person will end up having dental orthodontic treatment is their appearance.

Straight, white teeth will always look prettier than yellow, crooked or crowded teeth, which will not only give us a much more unkempt and unhealthy appearance, but will also seriously harm our long-term quality of life because of the side effects that these types of teeth can cause.

Through several studies conducted on patients who decided to undergo dental orthodontic treatment, it was found that those with beautiful teeth feel more attractive and have much more confidence to meet new people and speak in public.

Which is reason enough for anyone who finds themselves hesitating about whether or not to wear braces to stop questioning the effectiveness of this treatment and to dare to carry it out to see the benefits for themselves.


A beautiful smile will not only not make you look better, but will also improve the overall health of our teeth and gums and help prevent the appearance of all kinds of dental diseases.

Crowded teeth are much more likely to suffer from tooth wear, fractures and cavities.

In addition, if your teeth are aligned, your bite will also improve and we will avoid problems in the temporomandibular joint and keep gum disease at bay.

Therefore, if you want your teeth not only to be beautiful, but also to be healthier and stronger against any disease, do not hesitate any longer and put on braces.


It is undeniable that another reason a person decides to straighten their teeth through orthodontic treatment is their self-esteem.

All the people who have gone through this type of treatment and have been satisfied with the result claim to be much happier with their physical appearance, which translates into an improvement in their mood and a gradual increase in their confidence to face new situations in public.orthodontics improve self esteem


Yes, as you hear, having a nice smile can also make you live longer and better.

This conclusion was reached after doing several studies that analyzed the increase in life expectancy in those people who used dental floss and had proper dental hygiene, coming to detect that these people could live up to 7 years longer than one who had poor oral hygiene.

And what does that have to do with the use or not of dental orthodontics?

Well, very simply, that people with aligned teeth can floss and clean their teeth without any problem, while those who have teeth that are too crowded or crooked will never get rid of all the dirt, leading to all kinds of gum disease.

And that is precisely why people’s life expectancy decreases, since severe gum problems are a risk factor for developing coronary diseases such as hypertension or strokes. Therefore, it is worthwhile to start thinking seriously about braces for the sake of our long-term health.


Statistics show that more than 50% of patients who go to their dentist urgently for a dental fracture have crooked or crowded teeth, which means that dental alignment will protect us from suffering the loss of a tooth regardless of its aesthetic functionality.

Crowded teeth tend to wear more and are in a position where any blow will break them and severely damage the oral structure of that person.

Therefore, using orthodontics will not only align them, but will keep them much safer.


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