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What does an orthodontist do?

The most common question we hear is "What does an orthdontist do?"

To put it simply, orthodontists give you your best smile. They do this by straightening your teeth. Sometimes, this can be accomplished quite simply. Other cases are far more complex.

Be sure to schedule your appointment with your orthodontist in Broomfield so you can experience life with the perfect smile.

A perfect smile can be defined as having a perfectly aligned bite. A perfect bite occurs when each of your top teeth meets the bottom teeth evenly and in perfect alignment.

Your Broomfield orthodontist will, through x-ray images and casts made of your teeth, determine what they need to do to give you a healthy bite, straight teeth and a beautiful smile. 

This change will be more than cosmetic. With straightened teeth and fully aligned bite, your teeth remain healthy for many more years than those with crooked teeth and a badly aligned bite. 

Orthodontist vs. Dentist

What are the differences between orthodontists and dentists?

Dental school consists of four years of intensive medical training that focuses on oral health. They keep our teeth healthy throughout our lifetime. They regularly treat our cavities, fix our chipped or broken teeth, and do simple extractions when necessary.

Orthodontists start with the same four years of dental school. They then spend two additional years learning the specialty of orthodontics. After graduating from this specialty, your orthodontist can focus on the diagnosis, prevention and correction of any spacing and/or alignment problems.

Some dentists choose to take limited orthodontics classes in order to include basic orthodontic services in their practices. They are the exception to the orthodontist vs dentist tradition.

When you need a Broomfield Orthodontist

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile or a perfect bite. Due to growth and changes and habits such as thumb sucking or grinding teeth, your teeth can be out of alignment. When this happens, the teeth will wear down unevenly. This weakens them and leaves you prone to cavities, decay and gum disease.

The problem goes beyond your teeth. When teeth are out of alignment, your jaw is out of alignment. When this happens, your bite can change. When your bite is out of alignment, it creates a condition known as an occlusion. The goal of orthodontia is to correct that occlusion.

Some of the most common conditions that require orthodontics services include:

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Reasons for an orthodontist

  • Protruding front teeth. This occurs when the top front teeth are pushed forward. This condition is commonly known as 'buck teeth'.
  • Crowding. As adult teeth come in, there might not be enough room for all of them. This can result in the new teeth crowding one another.
  • Impacted teeth. This occurs when a permanent tooth that is unable to break through the tissue because it has become impacted in the jaw.
  • Asymmetrical teeth. When your top teeth are out of alignment with your bottom teeth in such a way that they are off-center with one another.
  • Overbite. When you bite down, your front teeth overlap over your bottom teeth.
  • Reverse bite. This occurs when you have protruding lower teeth that overlap the upper teeth when you bite down. This is also known as an underbite.
  • Open bite. When there is a space between the top and bottom teeth preventing your top teeth and bottom teeth from meeting.
  • Spacing. This occurs when you have spaces between your teeth that are excessive.
  • Eruption abnormality. This occurs if a permanent tooth erupts through the gumline above an existing baby tooth that has failed to come out on its own.

Failure to fix these issues can lead to early tooth decay and gum disease. If you suffer from any of these conditions, this is the reason your dentist has referred you for orthodontic treatment. These are conditions that need to be corrected.

The orthodonist treatment process in Broomfield

The orthodontist treatment process is the movement of teeth through gentle controlled movement. This is made possible by applying gentle pressure through the use of various orthodontic appliances over a period of time. Bone tissue is broken down and then rebuilt and supported in its new placement by retainers.

Many times, when a problem is diagnosed long before treatment begins, steps are taken using palatal expanders that serve to widen the palate and correct tooth position. This allows the palate to be expanded to improve the position of the teeth and giving the patient a better smile.

In some patients, a bite abnormality becomes apparent at an early age. In this case, the patient may wear a headgear before they ever get the rest of their braces on.

Other times, if there is overcrowding of the teeth, the patient may be referred to an oral surgeon for extractions to make room for the permanent teeth.

Each patient is different. Only your orthodontist will be able to tell you exactly what your treatment process will include. The ultimate goal is for your teeth to be straight and your bite to be in perfect alignment.

If you think about it, orthodontics is a pretty natural process. With a little help from us, your teeth realign themselves. We are just here to help guide your teeth and jaw through their transformation.

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